Dementia & Parkinson’s Disease

Dementia Therapy – ‘MindStrong’ Physio for Dementia

Fight Dementia with Physiotherapy!

    • Therapy provided in your own home! We come to you!
    • Stay active and improve cognition with exercise therapy!
  • Remain active and included in your community!

Dementia shouldn’t stop people being active and engaged in their community. Our unique Montessori inspired approach to therapy is called ‘MindStrong’. ‘MindStrong’ Physio for Dementia will engage your loved one in exercise to help the body and therefore help the mind!

We can help you achieve your goals!

    • Maintain Mobility & Increase Fitness
    • Reduce Falls & Increase Balance
    • Decrease Pain
  • Help Reduce Depression & Anxiety

Exercise is vital for all older Australians. Research shows exercise improves cognition for those with dementia and the benefits of physical activity can help protect against further cognitive decline by:

– improving blood flow to the brain
– improving the supply of oxygen & glucose to the  brain
– promoting growth & survival of nerve cells in the brain
– slow age-related grey matter loss in the brain

All of these help build a ‘brain reserve’ which can reduce the impact of cognitive decline.

Parkinson’s Disease

Our clinicians are trained in the PD Warrior program which is an exercise philosophy designed to help you slow your Parkinson’s down. Bringing together the latest evidence with the experience and success of training thousands of people, our approach is based on the evidence that proves exercise is medicine for Parkinson’s Disease.

Our effective approach is its based on proactive exercises and improving your quality of life. It is important not to wait for symptoms to impact on your daily life before getting involved. Investing now to slow your Parkinson’s down will enable you to control your Parkinson’s – before it controls you.

Our PD service offers you hope that there is life after diagnosis. We can come to your home to help you. Find out more today – delaying your start may make it harder to improve later.