New Additional Services


Partner with Transform and embrace the future now!

Transform delivers innovative Additional Services that will help you fulfill the promise of quality focused, consumer driven offerings for residents and clients.

In a time of industry change and challenge our services will help you move with confidence into the future.

All our additional services are customised for the individual clients to give the most patient centred goal focused service possible:

    • Reablement packages – deliver on short term restorative care for clients
    • Falls2Fit programme – address the biggest issue for the elderly in the most proactive programme available
    • Dementia Therapy Programme – Our ‘MindStrong’ Physio service for Dementia patients is based on Montessori principles. MindStrong will engage clients with early or advanced dementia in effective Physical Therapy
    • Wellbeing packages – flexible packages offering a consumer choice mix of individual physio, massage and group therapy options
  • Respite rehab packages – offer the best to those who are only looking for a short term stay and they’ll want to make a new home with you

We partner with you to focus on what you and your clients need! We can bundle up any of the above affordable services as a user pay private funding arrangement. Or we can structure them as additional service packages purchased by you the provider to give your residents and clients the best of service and your organisation a market edge.

All of the above additional services, our essential physio services and pain management services are captured in our innovative IT system which gives you the ultimate insight, comprehensive analytical reporting and complete budget control.


so we can tell you more about these great additional services.

Overview of our Residential Care Services

Innovative IT Systems