Manual Handling


Optimal manual handling practices help ensure the safety of staff, the resident and also help maximise the independence of the residents.

In engaging in our manual handling training services you will be sure to meet accreditation requirements, positively impact workplace safety for all your staff and also improve resident care. Our comprehensive manual handling training program involves theory education via a PowerPoint presentation and a practical training component. The practical component is adapted to suit your ‘facility and ranges from active task participation to a thorough onsite assessment of each staff member.  Our training model is flexible to accommodate organisations of different sizes and staff with different responsibilities.

[heading]Topics include but not limited to:[/heading]

  • Basic principle of Manual Handling
  • Safe Lifting and Transfer Principles
  • Hazard identification and Risk Management
  • Equipment – listing hoists, standing hoists and slide sheets
  • Addresses the full Annual accreditation requirements
  • 2 hour theory and practical training session for care staff
  • 1 hour theory and practical training session for non-care staff


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